Data Analyst

Job Description

The following are specific responsibilities and contributions critical to the successful performance
of the position:
● Auditing receival invoices before sending to accounts
● Coding and receiving invoices for processing
● Managing items on layaway
● Providing temporary relief to Cashiers in all departments
● Providing temporary relief to Receptionist
● Assist with the maintenance and replenishing of Toners
● Creating codes for requesting store as is required (Savanna Lamar, Ocho Rios, Kingston)
● Storeroom relief in absence of Storeroom Supervisor
● Receiving and coding of invoices
● Performing stock adjustments from cashiers
● Transfer goods in and out for all locations based on request
● Pricing of local goods
● Conducting manual stock checks and adjustments on a daily basis
● Verifies entered customer and account data by reviewing, correcting, deleting, or reentering data; combining data from both systems when account information is incomplete;        purging files to eliminate duplication of data.
● Prepare, compile and sort documents for data entry.
● Enter data from source documents into prescribed computer database, files and forms
● Maintains data entry requirements by following data program techniques and procedures.
● Assist in other departments when necessary or requested
● Assist auditors on a yearly basis with regards to random stock checks, which is usually
   done within the month of July.
● Store completed documents in designated locations.
● Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.

  •  In addition to performance of the essential functions above, this position may be required to perform a combination of other supportive functions, to be solely determined by the supervisor based upon the particular requirements of Fontana Limited.
  •  In order to properly service our clients, you may be required to work outside of our scheduled business hours.
  • Timely execution of duties in keeping with pre-arranged schedule.
  • Care and diligence in protecting the organization’s assets

Job Requirement

Working Environment / Physical Activities:
  •  Considerable physical activity. May encounter heavy workloads and long working hours.
  • Work is normally performed in a typical interior/office work environment.
  • Associate Degree from a recognize institution
  • At least 2 years of experience in a similar capacity
  • Trained & Certified in Data Entry (would be an asset)
  • Must be computer literate.
  •  Must be flexible to: -
  • Work on weekends
  • Work on public holidays
  • Database management skills.
  •  Ability to analyze and solve problems.
  •  Ability to prepare routine administrative paperwork.
  •  Clerical, word processing, and/or office skills.
  •  Strong problem solving and creative skills and the ability to exercise sound judgment and  make decisions based on accurate and timely analyses
  •  Strong interpersonal skills, ability to communicate (verbal, listening, writing) and manage well at all levels of the organization and with staff at remote locations essential.
  •  Must be detailed oriented and a multitasker with superb organizational skills
  •  Must possess a high level of integrity and dependability with a strong sense of urgency
  •  Must have strong internal and external customer service skills
  • Willingness to demonstrate lateral service and support in a cooperative and pleasant manner for the overall good of the company.
Personal Characteristics
  •  Excellent interpersonal and team skills, extremely collegial
  • Outstanding communications skills, written and oral
  • Demonstrated resourcefulness and good judgment
  •  Self-motivated; Hands-on, leads by example
  •  Values diversity of thought, backgrounds and perspectives
  •  Ability to multi-task while maintaining vigilant attention to detail
  •  Integrity/ethics beyond reproach
  •  Constantly looking to apply best practices
  •  Predisposition to mentor and subsequently increase responsibilities as team develops